Noeleen Tuala


“My parents are Adele Tukuafu (Nukualofa) and the late Saveu Silao (Leulumoega Tuai) and I was born and raised in South Auckland, NZ where I still reside. I have been with my husband Joe for the past 21 years and 13 of those years, married. We have been blessed with 5 kids, Tayllis, Toni, Jaydah, Lyrik and Bass and 4 grandkids, Chance, Ivy-Aio, Ryda and Aaliyah.

Occupation: Owner and founder of PELE - Quality Poly designed baby goodies.

My Fav poly food has to be my pastor, Eddie Tuala's Sapasui with talo smothered in coconut cream and palusami on the side with a sprinkle of Panikeke for good measure (Poly food is life!)”

“My father who is full Samoan was the quietest, most loving, humble man and played a huge part in making me who I am today. He was a single father for a while when I was younger and watching him struggle financially but keeping his spirits high for my sake was the most humbling experience to watch and to look back on today. It wasn't until I was older that I realized all the sacrifices he made for me. When there wasn't enough food he would swallow his pride and ask others for money to buy some, all while keeping a smile on his face to try and shield me from the struggle he was going through. This for me was and still is life-changing. To know my dad as prideful as he was, would put that aside to ensure I was happy makes me never take things for granted! It helps me work harder, strive for better, and keep reaching for the top of the tallest coconut tree. My mum Adele has always shown me that hard work brings rewards! A strong Ta'ahine who hustles and works so hard to show that perseverance pays off - she is the hardest worker I know. We must never forget where we came from, how hard our parents worked for us and I know for a lot of polys they can relate, so we must make our parents proud so their sacrifices weren't in vain.”

How has being of Polynesian descent and culture shaped who you are today?

“I am of Samoan and Tongan descent (with a sprinkle of Irish). Being a Polynesian is empowering!  It gives you a sense of belonging that cannot be explained. We as Polynesians do everything with heart and with purpose. Everything I achieve I feel I am doing it not only for me and my aiga but for polys everywhere, to show the world that Polys are here and shining. There is nothing better than seeing other polys shining their light for all to see! It is a Poly movement!”

What advice do you have for the upcoming Polynesian generations?

“Keep reaching for the top of the tallest coconut tree! We as Polynesians have so much talent, if you have a dream, chase it! Don’t let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big. If a mama of 5 from South Auckland with no business degree can do it, you can too! With faith, all things are possible.”

"Don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big. If a mama of 5 from South Auckland with no business degree can do it, you can too!"